Stella Haze


Italian, they say.

Nymphet, geek, cosplayer, wannabe playmate, dyed-hair enthusiast.
Belgium is my dream place.



Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

I am in LOVE with these.

(via gaerss)


Katie, 20, spends £200 a month on make-up, and three hours every day to transform herself into a living doll. [x]

• Katie Lawrence, from Camberwell, is obsessed with Japanese dolls
• Spends hours studying Japanese culture and video games which inspire her look
• Spends more than £200 a month on make-up
• Went to strict private school King’s in Worcester but was bullied
• Says she gets lots of positive feedback from passers by and men